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Research and Development

We embrace your problem as if it were our own.

At Premier Technology, we embrace our customer’s problems as if they were our own. Whether it is value engineering an existing design, acting as the designer of a new piece of equipment, or solving unique manufacturing challenges, we are committed to finding solutions for our customer’s most challenging problems.

We have built hundreds of first of its kind projects for customers across a variety of different industries. We bring this vast portfolio of experience to bear on each new challenge. Along the way, Premier has invested in equipment, processes, and a culture that encourage innovation.

Research and Development Building

Premier Technology operates a standalone Research and Development building on our Blackfoot, Idaho campus. The 12,000ft2 facility includes overhead cranes, and two manufacturing bays that provide space for ideas to be constructed and tested. The facility takes advantage of Premier’s extensive manufacturing capabilities while maintaining an independent footprint.

Innovation as a Culture

We recognize that problem solving and creative thinking set Premier Technology apart from other manufacturers. This key element of our culture is reinforced through an internal innovation program. The program rewards employees for their innovative ideas. Every quarter, the employees with the most impactful innovative ideas are recognized. Each year is commemorated by the award of a top innovator in the company. The program encourages concepts that improve process, reduce re-work, and time. Creating a culture of inventors, and creative problem solvers.

Invested in the Future: 3D Printing and Additive Technology

Currently Premier Technology has three additive technology machines:

  • 1 polymers/plastic using Fused Filament Fabrication technology
  • 1 metal printing using Directed Energy Deposition process where wire metal feedstock is melted by the laser to create a desired part
  • 1 Directed Energy Depositions to be ran under reduced atmospheric conditions in order to overcome oxidation

The 3D plastic printer produces 3D plastic models that aid in the design process. The printer works with CAD program and is used internal and externally for clients in need of 3D models or prototypes.

The DED machines can produce parts from a variety of alloys including stainless steel, inconel, and titanium. While the technology is currently limited to the production of small parts, we are actively working on process improvement that will us to print parts in excess of one cubic meter. Another enhancement to traditional 3-D printing is the integration of DED equipment with a 5-axis CNC machine. This allows for hybrid manufacturing of large complex structures. This process will be beneficial for remanufacturing capabilities and more.

With this technology parts can be made, that were previously impossible. Parts can be manufactured quickly, reduced downtime, and expense for damaged parts is drastically reduced.

Partnering with Universities and National Labs

Premier Technology is currently partnering with the University of Idaho, Boise State University, the Idaho National Lab, and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies to research and develop its additive manufacturing technology even further. Funded by the IGEM Council, the team has been granted funds for one year. The universities will conduct material characterization on the metal printing components that Premier produces. This testing will ensure the integrity of Premier’s printed parts, as well as optimize Premier’s process parameters to achieve higher quality parts that are mechanically superior to what is currently available.

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