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  • Successfully partnered with


    of the national labs

  • Completed


    projects under our ASME NQA-1 Program

  • Our hot-cells are used in



  • Provided


    radiation shielding windows for government & commercial projects

  • In-house load testing up to



  • Custom fabricated



  • Currently have


    certified weld procedures

  • Over

    250K ft2

    of manufacturing space

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International Hotcell Project

Premier Technology recently completed the design / build / installation of QTY 10 hotcells to be used in the production of Moly99 for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization. The hotcells are located in a building next to the Opal Reactor, in Lucas Heights, just outside of Sydney, Australia.

Of the QTY 10 hotcells, six are lead shielded, utilizing PTI’s proprietary double chevron brick design. Four hotcells are shielded via concrete, with Premier providing the internal stainless steel liner. Due to process requirements, there is an annulus between the containment box and the lead shielding. It is created using a structural carbon steel internal liner against which the individual lead bricks are stacked. Following the seven layers of lead bricks, an outer liner is attached to encapsulate all lead. The cells are approximately 10 feet tall and the lead goes from floor to ceiling. Four of the lead shielded cells are interconnected to form a Four-Pack. The cells include numerous penetrations, transfer ports, and a docking cart. The other four cells are shielded using poured in place concrete.

Large Scale Environmental Remediation Project

Premier Technology served as the small business partner with two tier one contractors responsible for the treatment of sodium bearing waste located at a Department of Energy site.

Premier was primarily responsible for the fabrication of the processing system. A sampling of the work performed includes:

  • Skid Based Processing Equipment
    • Premier constructed five skid based systems that include tanks, piping, loss-in-weight feeders, and PLC control systems.
  • Pressure Vessels
    • Code calculations, fabrication and testing for ten pressure vessels of varying sizes. Materials of construction included carbon, stainless steel, Haynes 556 and AL6XN.
  • Process Piping
    • Over 10,000 feet of piping spools ranging from 0.5” to 18”. Materials of construction include stainless, Haynes and AL6XN. All fabrication followed ASME B 31.3 and includes Category D, Category M, Normal Fluid Service and Severe Cyclic Conditions.
  • Tanks
  • Embeds
  • Ducting
  • Instrumentation/Valve Racks
  • Thru-Pintle Removal Lid Canisters

Department of Energy Glovebox Project

Premier Technology has built more than 150 custom gloveboxes over the last two decades.

Premier is currently building a complex system of gloveboxes and enclosures that will be used at a DOE facility. The three year project involves the build of more than 40 interconnected gloveboxes, hoods, and airlocks along with two large enclosures. When fully assembled the footprint of the system is roughly 100ft x 120ft.

Premier’s scope includes development of fabrication drawings, procurement of materials, critical attribute testing, fabrication, machining, assembly, integration of Customer Furnished Equipment, functional testing, and delivery.

The project is being performed under Premier’s ASME Certified NQA-1 Program.