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Changing the World One Project at a Time

Premier Technology, Inc. is a woman-owned custom fabrication business, headquartered in Blackfoot, Idaho. The young company, established in 1996, has accomplished in 20 years what takes most in the industry closer to 50 years.

Currently, Premier is home to over 300 employees. In 2018, Premier exceeded 100 million dollars in annual sales. Global vision and diversification are key factors in the company’s success. Its customer base varies from the Department of Energy, mining, industrialfood and beverage packagers and commercial nuclear innovators. Connecting all of these different markets is one consistent factor: quality metal fabrication, specific to each customer and their needs.

Premier offers: engineering and designproject management, manufacturing, electrical, machining, industrial coatings, and field services. From blueprint to installation, Premier has the resources to complete any custom build.

The company is established in the nuclear industry, operates under several quality programs and has many certificates to support NQA-1 projects. Premier is capable of meeting high tolerances and producing work that is above and beyond industry standards. With over 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and state of the art equipment, Premier is a powerhouse contender and an ideal contractor for large scale projects.

Premier Technology is a leader in the industry and is undoubtedly changing the world one project at a time.

A company vested in our community and the future.



Premier Technology, Inc. was established in Idaho in 1996 and is proud to continue to be an Idaho company today; grateful for the community in which it resides. Doing business in Idaho is easy, a result of the high quality workforce and the pro-business mindset of local, regional, and statewide government officials. Premier’s mission is to bring positive influence to its employees’ and surrounding community members through education, employment, donations and opportunity.

Premier believes in supporting local youth and education. Annually it donates to the Idaho Governor’s Cup, both in volunteer hours (Doug Sayer Chief Business Officer serves as the Chairman), and as a major sponsor of the event. Funds of the Governor’s cup go to tuition for Idaho students attending Idaho Universities. Several members of Premier’s staff serve on boards for local universities throughout the region of Southeast Idaho.

Premier is a large supporter of local fundraiser’s, often attending local community auctions and other non-profit causes including, but not limited to: local 4-H auctions, Bingham County Christmas Tree Fantasy, Pocatello Festival of Trees and many more.

Premier works closely with local chamber of commerces and economic development organizations. Teaming with them to bring positive revenue and opportunities into the local community. Supplying jobs with benefits, opportunities for employee’s growth and education.

Premier supports veterans and military members in more ways than one, as a company Premier is a member of the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and the Reserve) and the Idaho Defense Alliance. Premier is always hiring returning soldiers that are looking for post deployment opportunities. Our Guard and Reserve members are offered additional benefits. We allow them the time off they need for their military training without having to take vacation time. In addition, we offer them a pay differential to keep their income whole. Any veteran who is called up to active duty will have a job waiting for them when they return. We truly appreciate the sacrifices they make for our country.

As a company we believe that our influence to the community spans greater than supply jobs. Our mission is to help community through volunteer time, increased revenue, donations, and opportunity.



Premier Technology is dedicated to improving and taking care of the environment. A large majority of the employees that work for Premier are avid outdoorsmen and women, that enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and many more outdoor activities. As a company we believe in keeping Idaho, the United States, and the entire planet thriving.

Premier is a manufacturer that uses raw materials and other resources daily. Reducing waste in our manufacturing process is a core value of our company and a key step in taking care of our planet. It is our mission to keep our earth thriving for generations to come.

Implementations that have been made in our processes to reduce waste and improve efficiency include:

  • Upgrading to energy efficient equipment and technology
  • Reducing rework and efforts that render duplication of time and materials
  • Monthly recycling of un-used or scrap metal
  • Partnership with power companies and other utilities to maximize use and reduce waste
  • Recyclable dust collection system in blast booth that dramatically reduces waste and is eco-friendly

Helping customers reduce their waste and also assisting them stay within EPA guidelines is an important segment of the work that we do. Many projects that we perform for our mining and industrial customers are driven by their need to maintain an EPA approved plant. Completing projects that help the planet and our customers, is rewarding on multiple levels.

We believe in clean energy and support the advancement of Nuclear Energy. Premier is geographically located near the Idaho National Laboratory, we proudly partner with many companies and labs that are working to improve nuclear energy and other tools that can reduce residual energy waste. We support the development of small modular reactors and micro reactors. We are optimistic about the future of Nuclear Energy and believe it will be an important component of our future environmentally conscious culture.

Keeping our planet safe, and sustainable for future generations to come will always be a core value of Premier Technology.



To be a Premier employee is to be a member of an extended family. Premier’s mission statement is about the growth of it’s employees: “To develop our people into leaders of the industry, while providing our customers with the highest quality of service.” This focus on employee development is what makes Premier the ideal employer, for anyone that wants to grow and make a difference in the world.

Premier offers education to its employees in a variety of methods: onsite education is available to all employees, including, but not limited to: in-house courses in mathematics, print reading, computer use and more. Quarterly training is made available for leads and other individuals in leadership roles, this training helps improve individual leadership skills.

Premier is proud to offer an in-house craft development program, which aids welders in improving their technical skills while on the job. Premier also has a Machinist apprenticeship program that is approved by the Idaho Department of Labor. Employees in the apprenticeship program receive a full wage, while they complete the program. Premier’s Human Resources staff is currently working to complete a full welding apprentice program that will fall under the same guidelines as the machinist program.

Premier also supports higher education for its employees by accommodating work schedules for classroom attendance and financial scholarships to employees that qualify for specific degrees and training. There are several universities in the southeast Idaho community, Premier’s leadership views this as a great asset for any employee that wants to improve themselves and their future.

Premier is a family oriented company, currently employing multi-generational sets of parent/child duos. Premier is grateful for the loyalty of its employees, and even more excited to see a younger generation of family members begin to join the ranks of Premier’s team. Premier has just over 300 employees, making it big enough to take on large contracts, but small enough that each employee belongs to a small team.

If you want to work for a company that values keeping its employees safe, offers opportunity for growth, provides benefits, and embraces you as if you are a family member, then Premier Technology is the home for you.