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Premier Technology is a one stop destination for your custom project needs. Since 1996, we have been solving our customer’s greatest problems: one project at a time.

Below is a comprehensive summary of the services that Premier Technology offers. Each division offers precise knowledge and resources that aid in the overall construction of the projects of our customers. These divisions are multifaceted; they provide internal support or can be standalone providers depending on each project scope.

This all-in-one comprehensive process is an important asset for our customers, because it solves a wide range of problems. It removes the headache of multiple subcontractors, eliminates the worry of losing items in shipping, decreases overall expenses, and lessens delay in schedule. Being able to work with a company that can handle each step in-house is unbeatable.

You deserve to work with a team you can trust. Put your project in reliable hands from project management oversight to the final step of installation, we have the most knowledgeable and talented workforce in the industry and they are ready to go to work for you.

Premier Technology provides professional engineering services in the fields of mechanical, structural, civil, chemical, and nuclear engineering, with extensive experience in material joining, containment, and construction. Teamed with a multi-disciplined design/drafting service offering 3D modeling, mechanical, structural, process, and architectural drafting, Premier is capable of creating new design packages as well as making improvements or changes to existing designs.

Our engineers and designers have the unique advantage of having a large manufacturing and machining facility in the same building, thus giving Premier Technology a true “Design-to-Delivery" capability. This familiarity with the manufacturing processes allows Premier Technology designers to provide cost-effective designs and solutions that solve our clients’ most demanding and complex problems. Premier Technology uses 3D modeling software to create virtual prototypes of each design, checking it for fit and function during the design process.

Programs used by Premier's Engineering and Design team:
  • SolidWorks – 3D computer aided design software
  • AutoDesk Inventor - 3D Computer aided design software
  • AutoCAD – 2D Computer aided design software
  • Simulation – 3D finite element analysis software
  • RISA-3D – Structural finite element analysis software
  • RISABase – Base plate design software
  • RISAFoot – Footing design software
  • COMPRESS – ASME pressure vessel design software
  • AutoPIPE – AMSE Process piping design software
  • Mathcad – General purpose mathematics program
  • Microshield – Radiation shielding software

It’s time for us to work together. Let’s get started now.

The difference between a poorly executed project and a well-executed one lies in the plan and in leadership. Having a qualified Project Manager to guide your project through to the end is the key to success. Premier Technology currently has over 25 employees dedicated to the role of project manager.

These employees have diverse backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, and on-site experience in multiple fields. They are competent and reliable. They create and maintain robust project plans, including a clear and accurate schedule. They operate within Premier’s manufacturing guidelines and understand ASME code and NQA-1 requirements. These individuals are committed to completing each project under budget and on time.

Premier’s Project Management Staff has:
  • Mechanical Engineering Degree
  • Civil Engineering Degree
  • Master of Engineering and Technology
  • Certified Project Management Professional
  • Bachelors of Science in Business Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Active Member of the American Glovebox Society and Standards Development Committee

Having someone in your corner, guiding your project from start to finish, is a benefit of working with Premier Technology. Let our expert staff ease your concerns and guide your project to the final stages of completion, quickly and effectively.

It’s time for us to work together. Let’s get started now.

Premier Technology has a state of the art manufacturing facility with over 250,000 square feet of space to build and create custom manufacturing projects. The main manufacturing space houses 5 manufacturing bays, with a crane capacity of up to 60 tons with 28 ft clearance. Each bay has its own crane, and specialty equipment in place to accommodate for large equipment, heavy material and other customer specific needs. Recently Premier invested in an additional assembly facility that is 21,000 square feet. The entire campus is over 20 + acres and as the company grows so does the capacity. To see an aerial map of the facility click here.

For over 20 years, Premier Technology has been building and crafting custom metal projects for all industries and customers. Currently the company employs over 150 skilled craftsman, many of which are trained in multiple process and ASME code. Premier has 100’s of Weld Procedures covering an extensive range of material types, processes, and thicknesses, for multiple code disciplines, ranging from manual, to robotic procedures. Below is a list of the material joining processes that Premier implements and the metals that are used in our manufacturing process.



  • Manual, semi-automatic, machine, robot
  • Tip Tig
  • K-Tig


  • Pulse
  • Short arc
  • Machine
  • Robotic


  • Semiautomatic


  • Machine


Stud Welding

Metals Used in/for Manufacturing
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • Martensitic Stainless Steel
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Haynes
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium

Premier Technology is on the cutting edge of innovation. Manufacturing is an old trade, and most companies that are the size of Premier have been in business for multiple generations. As a company, Premier is just over a few decades old; we attribute our rapid growth to our commitment to embracing technology and putting it to work as much as possible. Premier implements robot welders, laser processing, and other automated systems to improve product quality and efficiency. Below is a list of notable equipment:

  • Tube Stopa automated storage systems
  • CL Stopa storage system
  • TKL Stopa is our large Plate Storage System
  • Trumph Laser 8000
  • Trumph Laser 5040
  • Lincoln system 55 duel cell with FANUC Robot
  • MODULA Lift automated parts inventory and storage system
  • K-tig single pass, full penetration weld technology
  • Plasma Cutting Table, Koike Aronson, Mastergraph Millennium 2500, High Definition, CNC integrated, Hypertherm 260HD plasma power supply, Table: 12’ x 24’, Cutting Envelope: 11’ X 22’
  • Laser Cutting Table, Trumpf TruLaser 8000, Table: 8’x20’ (2ea), Cutting Envelope
  • Omax Water Jet, 6-Axis, 6’ x 12’ Cutting Envelope with Rotary Axis for Tube And Pipe
  • CNC Marvel Vertical Band Saw
  • CNC Marvel Horizontal Band Saw
Rolling, Bending, Forming
  • JMT HRB-4 3035 Plate Roll
  • JMT HRB-4 3006 Plate Rollsdf
  • ACCUPRESS 10 Ft Hydraulic Shear: 10’
  • ACCURPRESS Advantage 725012 Brake, 250-ton: 12’ With CNC Crowning and Wila Precision Tooling
  • ACCURPRESS Edge 45002 Press Brake, 500 ton: 20’ With CNC Crowning and Wila Precision Tooling
  • TRUMPF Tru Bend 5230 CNC Press Brake

The vast majority of projects that leave Premier’s facility are speciality builds. As a company we serve 5 different industries, and our deliverables are made to each individual customer’s needs. As a company we have managed long term projects, over 90 million total in revenue. Premier is NQA-1 certified and decorated in certificates. Our large facility, blended with quality craftsman, and state of the art equipment makes Premier the number 1 choice for your next project.

It’s time for us to work together. Let’s get started now.

Invested in the Future: Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Premier Technology provides the following metal and plastic polymer additive manufacturing capabilities:

  • Directed Energy Deposition (DED): Wire or Powder metal feedstock is precisely fed into the laser melt pool forming the desired part layer by layer.
  • Vacuum Laser-Wire DED: We have developed the capability to print metal components under reduced atmospheric conditions. This is advantageous for unique applications where oxidation of critical materials cannot be tolerated.
  • Fused Filament Fabrication: Provides high quality plastic prototype and production pieces. Ability to print parts larger than 1 cubic foot in size with high performance engineering grade plastics.
  • Application Development Services providing Engineering Design, Materials Expertise, and Optimization for Additive Manufacturing.
  • Post processing heat treatments and precision machining.

We can produce metal parts over 16 inches tall from a variety of alloys including, Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium and stainless steel. High deposition rates and densities above 99.5% can be achieved from using commercially available wire feedstock making this the most cost effective DED process available. We can also provide multi-material prints and add material or features to an existing part. We are actively working on systems development to allow us to print parts in excess of one cubic meter.

Tap into our manufacturing and materials expertise and let us solve your additive manufacturing needs.

Partnering with Universities and National Labs

Premier Technology is currently partnering with the University of Idaho, Boise State University, the Idaho National Lab, and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies to research and develop its additive manufacturing technology even further. Funded by the IGEM Council, the team has been granted funds to conduct material characterization on the metal printing components produced by Premier. This testing will ensure the integrity of Premier’s printed parts, as well as optimize Premier’s process parameters to achieve higher quality parts that are echanically superior to what is currently available.

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Premier Technology has a dedicated electrical division, providing a wide array of electrical applications both as a standalone service and in conjunction with a manufacturing project. Premier’s electrical division was created in 2007 to support Premier’s manufacturing and installation efforts. Over the last decade, it has grown to be a highly skilled team of electricians with industry knowledge and dedicated work ethic.

There is a great deal of value that comes with having in-house specialized electricians. Premier’s electrical group currently has just over ten employees, including a master electrician an equal number of journeymen and apprentices. All are skilled in the industry and bring specialized knowledge to each project.

Premier Technology’s electrical team is:
  • Certified UL 508A & UL698A control panel design, manufacturing and testing
  • PACS, DGS & PLC/HMI design, programming and implementation
  • Rapid Engineering, design, and manufacturing P&ID Diagrams, Electrical Schematics
  • Dedicated electrical project managers to each project

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Premier Technology has a full service in-house machine shop, with more than a dozen of the most advanced machines on the market today.

In 2007, Premier began to build its own in-house machining team that could support the company's core manufacturing capabilities. Having an in-house machining team has allowed for Premier to be able to build custom components in hours rather than weeks or months. This has dramatically increased efficiency and delivery time. In the last decade, Premier's machine shop has grown to include more than 15 machinists who work 7 days a week, morning and night.

This machining team is devoted to precision cuts that meet NQA-1 code and delivers above and beyond customer’s expectations. We have expert machinists on staff with over 40 years' experience that oversee all aspects from the planning phase, to the programming and the final inspection.

Premier is currently planning to expand into larger machines, gaining more capabilities to create even larger components and products.

Mighty Viper V-4000 GXT
Mighty Viper V‐4000 GXT

CNC vertical bridge milling machine, 4 axis, 35hp, cool jet chip blaster. The V-4000 has a working envelope of 157.5" x 77.60" x 42.13" x 13.66" dia. (X", Y", Z" x A" dia.)


Vertical Machining Center, 5 axis, 40 taper, thru spindle coolant. The HAAS UMC750SS has a working envelope of 30"x30"x20" dia. (X" x Y" x Z").


Vertical milling machine, 4 axis, 30hp, 50 taper, thru spindle coolant. The VF-11 has a working envelope of 120" x 40" x 30" x 12.204" dia. (X" x Y" x Z" x A" dia.).


Vertical milling machine, 5 axis, 30hp, 50 taper thru spindle coolant. The VF6TR has a 5 axis envelope of 26x26x24" dia. (X" x Y" x Z")


Vertical milling machine, 4 axis, 30hp, 50 taper. The VF-6 has a working envelope of 64" x 32" x 30" x 12.204" dia. (X" x Y" x Z" x A"dia.).


Super speed vertical milling machine, 4 axis, 30hp 12k, 40 taper thru spindle coolant. The VF-3SS has a working envelope of 40" x 20" x 20" x 8.5" dia. (X" x Y" x Z" x A" dia.).

Mazak QT Nexus 350II M
Mazak QT Nexus 350II M

Horizontal lathe, 3 axis, 40hp, 12 station turret with live tooling. The QTN 350 has a working envelope of 22" diameter swing in front of the turret and 22" swing over way covers with 80" distance between centers.


Horizontal lathe, 2 axis, 30hp, 2 speed gearbox, 10 station turret. The SL-40 can swing a 40" diameter and has a cutting envelope of 25" diameter over 45" length.


Horizontal lathe, 2 axis, 30hp, manual tool change. The TL-3 has a working envelope of 20" diameter swing in front of the tool post and 12" diameter swing over cross slide with 60" between centers.

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One of the final stages in Premier’s full service process is the industrial coatings department, which has been fully operating for almost fifteen years. This division has a wide range of coating capabilities to meet the demanding standards of the food service, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. Premier’s expert painter’s handle all types of coating projects, ranging from small to large and simple to complex.

Premier’s custom painters will match your brand or OEM color. They also are trained and knowledgeable in NQA-1 paint requirements. Our coatings facility is over 16,800 +sq. ft. , has 4,000+ sq. ft. of booth space and 4,800 sq. ft. curing area. There is also a dedicated blast booth that is divided to support carbon and stainless products with a recyclable dust collection system.

Having the option to blast, paint and finish your project in a professional manner is important to the final presentation, and overall appearance of your plant upgrade, nuclear component, repaired equipment and much more.

Paint Facility Size
  • 2,400 Square foot blast booth
  • 4,000+ Square feet of booth space with up to 18’ overhead clearance
  • 4,800 Square foot heated curing area
Available Coatings
  • Zinc
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylics
  • Urethanes
  • Enamels
  • Epo-Phen Tank Linings
  • Aquapon for Food Service
  • Vinyl
  • Spray Labeling
  • Custom Coatings
Example of Coated Products
  • Pressure Vessels: Interior and Exterior
  • Structural Steel
  • Work Platforms
  • Low Level Waste Boxes
  • Type A Waste Boxes
  • Concrete Embeds
  • Chemical and Non-Chemical Piping: Interior and Exterior
  • Safety and Lifting Equipment

It’s time for us to work together. Let’s get started now.

Premier Technology’s quality assurance program was established in 1997. Our program offers superior products manufactured in strict compliance with a broad range of established quality assurance programs including those itemized below:

  • ASME NQA-1: Certificate Holder
  • ASME Section VIII
  • ASME Section III: “NPT" and “NA" certificates as well as “NS" and “MO" certificates
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • 10CFR21
  • National Board “R" Stamp
  • ASME Code Certificates “S" & “U"
  • ISO 9001 Compliant
  • AISC
  • NUPIC Member Audited
  • NIAC Audited

The quality assurance department at Premier Technology has been effective at responding to the inspection needs of a highly customized design, engineering, and manufacturing company. With a blend of commercial and government projects, Premier’s QA department has successfully instituted a continual process for procurement, materials receipt and inspection, project segregation, records maintenance, and quality assurance training programs. The variety of work and blend of markets has led Premier to become proficient in an array of testing and technical procedures including:

  • Leak Testing
  • Computer Simulated Destructive Testing and FEA Analysis
  • Destructive Testing
  • Digital Flatness and Dimensional Testing
  • Digital Positive Material Identification
  • Free Iron Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Function Testing
  • Pneumatic and Sensitive Leak Testing
  • Radiography
  • Rate of Rise Testing
  • Simulation and Batch Testing
  • Surface Finish (RHa)
  • Visual Inspection

Coordinate Measuring Capability

  • (3) Hexagon Metrology Long Reach Romer Arms Including Scanning Capability
  • (1) FARO Laser Tracker Model Vantage; Maximum Working Range Sphere: 525 ft.
  • (1) FARO Laster Tracker Model XV2; Maximum Working Range Sphere: 230 ft.
  • (1) FARO Quantum S 4.0 meter 7-Axis Arm
  • (1) FAROBlu Laser Line Probe (3D Scanner delivering up to 600K metrology points per second)

Surface Analyzer

Premier has multiple surface profilometers. Measurements can be taken on any flat, accessible surface, longitudinal directions on small diameters, and longitudinal or transverse directions on large diameter components. Capable of reading metric or standard RA, Rz, or RMS surface standards.

Commercial Grade Dedication

Premier Technology routinely performs commercial grade dedication of safety significant materials. Our engineering staff frequently works with end users to verify critical characteristics and develop commercial grade dedication plans. Testing on most materials is performed at Premier’s in-house laboratory, where Premier’s team can test both chemical and mechanical properties.

Equipment includes:
  • OES Spectrometer - Bruker Tasman 170
  • LECO Nitrogen Analyzer
  • Instron 600DX Tensile Tester
  • Instron Charpy Impact Tester (0-100 foot-pounds)

Hardness Testing

Wilson RB2002T Rockwell indentation hardness tester. Direct hardness readings in the Rockwell C, B, 30T, and 30 N scales. Conversions may be performed to report in other scales such as Brinell or Vickers. KrauKramer Dynapocket rebound hardness tester. Portable hardness tester for approximate hardness readings in the field.

It’s time for us to work together. Let’s get started now.

Rapid installation and field services are core competencies of Premier Technology.

Premier values the end result of a satisfied customer, and understands that the final step of a project is the most crucial. Our company provides installation support to all of its customers and all the markets that we serve. Premier’s expert crews have traveled all over the world providing specialized support, dismantling existing structures, and installing new custom products and projects on-site.

One-third of Premier’s craftsman are MSHA certified, and all trained and ready for on-site mining work. Premier has several millwrights with over 20 years' experience, of installation in the food and beverage industry, along with specialty crews that understand the intricacies of glove boxes and other items procured for the Department of Energy.

When a Premier crew is on-site, all guidelines and safety requirements are honored. Our team becomes an extension of your company. We are committed to your project and your deadline. As a company, we go above and beyond expectations, to ensure you are up and running when you need to be. If you have a project that requires on-site expertise, we have your solution.

It’s time for us to work together. Let’s get started now.