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Our mission is to develop our people into leaders of the industry, while providing our customers with the highest quality service.

A place to call home.

Are you in a rut and need a change? Does your job feel like a dead end? Are you bored? Do you enjoy learning and creating? Would you like to work at a company where everyone calls you by name and treats you like family? Look no further.

Premier Technology is a family owned and operated manufacturing company located in the heart of Southeast Idaho. Over 300 employees call Premier home; 60% are craftsman and 40% are professionals. Premier serves customers all over the globe, while remaining true to its rural roots. If you are looking for a change and excited to grow to the next level – the Premier Level, then you are in the right place.

What are you waiting for? Apply Today! We are hiring for all skill levels and positions. We need energetic and innovative individuals just like you, and we want you to be the newest member of the Premier family.

Become Premier's newest team member.

A place to play.

Explore the many activities you can take advantage of within a 2 hour radius of our facility.

  • Running and Fishing
  • Hunting and Water Skiing
  • Skiing and Mountain Biking
  • Sand Dunes and Camping
  • Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park

Don't just take our word for it.

Read what real employees are saying about their Premier Experience

Our work is never boring, constantly changing as we enter new markets and find new customers. Every project brings a sense of pride and makes it easy to do our best.

20+ year Employee, Current Manager

"During my 12 years at Premier, I have never built the same component twice. We are fortunate to use state of the art equipment, and build with as many materials as you can think of. The people I work with are like family to me, I am proud to work for Premier."

12+ year Employee, Current Leadman

"Premier has a family culture. Daily we work on innovative projects with enthusiasm. We work on a variety of projects, always something new to keep things interesting. In my 20 years I have made life long friends, and believe that the work that we do makes the world a better place."

20+ year Employee, Current Project Manager

"In my 16 years at Premier I have worked with wonderful people, learned in the art of material joining and machining. Grew as a person and as a craftsman. I am grateful to this company and it’s leadership for the opportunities it has given me to excel and to become my best self."

16+ year Employee, Machinist


Paid Time Off & Holidays
Mentoring & Training Development
Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
401K & Company Match

Helping you improve.

Premier cares about its employees, and is dedicated to improving not only the products it manufactures, but the skills of the employees building those products. Employees at all levels have the option to receive training to improve their skills in everything from mathematics and print reading, to leadership and communication. Most of the training is paid, and all of the training leads to advancements in responsibility and potentially wage increases. It is Premier’s mission to hire the best and provide opportunities of growth to all that are willing to learn.

Craft Development
Skilled Craftsman
  • Training in the material joining processes used daily at Premier Technology.
  • In-house Craft Development Program that sharpens your skills and broadens your experience.
  • Three Craft Specialization Programs - Food production, nuclear, mining
  • Blueprint Reading - basics, weld symbols, GD&T
  • Machinist Apprenticeship - finish your machinist education and become a Journeyman Machinist.
Personal and Leadership Development
Personal & Leadership Development
  • In-house courses in mathematics, computer use
  • Assistance with higher education
  • Opportunities to learn new work with people and become a leader
  • We will take your inborn leadership talent and hone it
  • Guide you to become a leader in the industry