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March 09, 2021

Why Choose Premier Technology?

Why is Premier Technology a great place to work?  

Join us while we chat with Chad our welding engineer and discuss his welding story and why he choose to work at Premier Technology. Chad gives advice to next generation of welders! He reminds us all that there is no such thing as wasted learning. Opportunities come to us all in different ways, so be open to what comes to you! 

Chad shares that he joined Premier Technology's team to do specialty manufacturing, he was excited about the opportunity to work on NQA1 projects and still be able to live in a rural environment.  He also advices that working for a company like Premier excels a welders growth! In Chad's opinion two years of working at Premier is the equivalent to five or ten years at another company. Employees at Premier learn more than industry average welders. 

Premier has two state certified apprentice programs are available to machinist and welders that are employees. Applicants that would like to apply to Premier should visit: