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March 29, 2021

What is Drafting?

Have you heard the term Designer or Drafter and wondered what it is? The main role of a designer or drafter is to take a 3D object and put it into a 2D format using different software’s and programs. 

Premier Technology has almost ten on staff designers. Drafters are detail oriented, good computer skills, and the ability to visualize 3 dimension objects into 2 dimensional objects. The drawings that are made by designers are used by Premier's production team to build projects. The drawings are vital aspect of Premier's process. 

Premier Technology designers are able to work on projects from several different industries ranging from the Department of Energy, Food Processing, Nuclear (NQA1), Mining and Industrial. The projects at Premier begin as a concept (drawing) and materialize into a reality sometimes as quickly as a few weeks, other larger more complicated projects take several years. 

Working as a designer in the manufacturing world is exciting, creative and dynamic.