HIRB Saving You Time and Money

Premier Technology, Inc. realizes the value of time and money spent on Research & Development of new technology and products. The company recently partnered with an inventor to create a revolutionary device to aid in safety and production in the mining industry.

The Hoist rope Impact Reduction Box, H.I.R.B. , is available commercially, through Premier Technology, Inc. to mines and shovel owners for the first time. After field testing, HIRB has been proven effective in dampening hoist-rope vibration, bounce and impact, making shovels safer to operate, reducing the amount of maintenance needed and conserving rope life. The primary purpose of the HIRB is to reduce rope changes, and therefore reduce the potential for accidents during the changes. For sales and service questions see Mine Performance, Inc.


The HIRB is mounted on the front of the shovel house above the junction of the house and boom. Hoist ropes pass through HIRB, which uses patented shock absorption technology to dampen and control excess stresses on the ropes. HIRB is highly effective in reducing shock and bounce in the ropes during operation. Reducing bounce equals reduced shock to the shovel, preserving the machine