Department of Energy

Premier Technology, Inc. has years of experience designing and manufacturing products to support the Department of Energy.

  • Premier technology provides the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries with the highest quality gloveboxes, hot cells, and related equipment. We can build to your specifications, or provide a complete design including radiation shielding analysis. Through our active participation in the American Glovebox Society we set the highest standards and remain current with industry advancements.
  • Premier Technology is a leading provider of lead and glass shielding and windows to the nuclear, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Our clientele now includes many universities and facilities involved with PET medicine (positron emission tomography) and the production of associated radio-pharmaceuticals. We can build shielding to your specifications, or provide a complete design including radiation shielding analysis.
  • Our interlocking lead bricks can be delivered independently, or as part of a turn-key shielding solution such as shielding doors, gloveboxes, and hot cells, Manufactured for 99.99% virgin lead, our bricks are flat and clean, with a smooth non-porous surface. They provide an efficient and tight fit shielding when stacking or building walls, and can be fabricated to any thickness for your special requirements.
  • Premier Technology, fabricates Low Level Waste Boxes for use at nuclear sites. These strong-tight boxes meet Department of Transportation IP-1 requirements and are designed to the Nevada Test Site Waste Acceptance Criteria. The design is physically tested to ensure the package is capable of supporting a uniformly distributed load (compressive strength) of 3,375 pounds per square foot. This load demonstrates that the package can support other waste packages and earth cover without crushing during stacking or covering operations. The boxes are also designed to allow for forklift transportation.